Infinity-Tech provides consulting and route design solutions for any size project.

These services include easements, right of way negotiations, permitting, field walk-out, mapping and inspection. Our staff is highly experienced with local construction practices and permitting agency requirements, as well as existing conduit availability to provide the most construct-able and cost-efficient routes.

Infinity-Tech also provides services that include telecom consulting, concept, route design, permitting, budgeting, construction, splicing, activation, certification, maintenance and emergency response and restoration. Basically, give us the beginning and end points, and we can take care of the rest.

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No matter the size of the job, We will give value above and beyond what is expected of us. Our goal is to have our customers feel like they received more than they paid for.

Sit back and watch the magic happen

Our of experienced profesionals will take you step by step, building a profesional relationship based on your needs and the final product of your project.